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Games that look better, play better & set up quicker.

That’s the mission.

Beautiful components for your favourite games, created with love and delivered to the highest quality.

My name is Kev & I love board games. Minatures Games. TCGs. LCGs. RPGs. I love tabletop games in all their forms. I love the stories they tell, the memories they create and the satisfying sensory experience they provide.

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with modifying games to look better, be more thematic and have reduced set up times. 

I started trading on a small scale via eBay in 2015 and today I sell across a variety of platforms and have made nearly 5000 sales across all platforms.

TableTop Upgrades has seen a steady growth and is now sending out over 250 packages a month to tabletop gaming enthusiasts & leading ecommerce brands across the world and is supplemented by a thriving YouTube channel that has amassed over a quarter of a million views.

The business is continuing to grow because it is built on three core principles:

1. Every Game Is Precious

Getting a game to the table is hard. Commitments, jobs, family, life; they all mean that the simple pleasure of rolling dice with friends (or alone!) should be celebrated and every moment savoured.

Your gaming experience is elevated by beautiful, tactile artifacts created by someone who loves games as much as you.

2. Quality Above All Else

Board games are beautiful creations. Amazing art, mechanics that tell stories and shared experiences that create memories. Yet out of the box, setup is slowed by ugly plastic baggies and immersion is stolen by generic cardboard tokens.

TableTop Upgrades aims to change that with heirloom components which enhance your gaming experience on every level. Visually stunning, satisfyingly tactile and quick to set up so you spend more time playing, and less time sorting.

3. Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese manufacturing philoshopy and roughly translates to “Continuous Improvement” or “Change for Good”. It’s the science of constantly reviewing, tweaking, improving. Striving for perfection.

I’m a trained mechanical engineer with years of design and manufacturing experience. I’m constantly making improvements to my processes & manufacturing techniques to improve speed, efficiency and quality.

Kaizen and lean thinking is the engine that drives TableTop Upgrades to the highest quality standards, customer service and innovation.

Kev TableTop Upgrades
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